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Dr. Lori Nuzzi
Chiropractic Care
I have seen firsthand how Dr. Nuzzi’s treatments, incredible insights, and invaluable knowledge transforms our patient’s lives for the better. It’s awe inspiring to witness her compassion, energy, charisma, and passion every single day as she helps her patients live pain free. Her ability to put her patient’s needs first and to direct specific treatments is extraordinary. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a way to better health and pain free life."
I have had both a professional and personal relationship with Dr. Nuzzi spanning 25 years. I have referred many of my clients to Dr. Nuzzi, feeling confident that they would receive excellent, kind and always exceptional treatment. Her thoughtful, in-depth understanding of their individual issues, has improved their functionality and therefore their lives. In many cases, enabling them to continue working out to further improve their well-being.
Lynn DeLancey
Customized Fitness LLC
Certified Pilates and Personal Trainers
I have worked with dr Nuzzi for numerous years. She is an amazinghuman being. Professionally she continues to treat all her patientslike family. She clinically stays on top of all changes. She is a one of akind clinician and colleague and cares 100% for each and everyindividual she embraces.
Dr. Mark Leichter, Chiropractor
I have been practicing sports medicine and non-surgical orthopedicsfor over 32 years and in then that time I have had the pleasure andopportunity to work with outstanding physicians, surgeons, physicaltherapist, chiropractic chiropractic physicians. nurse practitioners andphysicians assistants . Over the last several years, I have come to know and collaborate onmultiple cases with Dr. Lori Nuzzi. I have found her to be anexceptional chiropractic physician. Knowledgeable, an astuteclinician, dedicated, driven and always going above and beyond forher patients. I found her to be of the highest caliber, and inconjunction with her wonderful demeanor and integrity makes herpractice above reproach
Michael Loreti, MD
Sports Medicine Specialist
Kayal Orthopaedic Center
I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Dr. Lori Nuzzi as aprofessional colleague for many years. Dr. Nuzzi passionately followsthe latest research and education in the chiropractic field, working toalways better herself and help serve her patients best. She truly lovesher craft and guiding her patients towards their goal achievement. As a local physical therapist, I greatly appreciate our open line ofprovider communication, as it always benefits patients and allows forus to provide a consistent patient focused approach.
I highly recommend Dr. Nuzzi for anybody’s chiropractic needs andlook forward to continued collaboration of knowledge and treatmentwith her.
Jessica Grimm PT, DPT
Director of Physical Therapy Ridgewood Physical Therapy
Dr. Nuzzi and her staff were all very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Nuzzi was amazing and listened carefully to my problem, explained clearly what she felt was the issue, and offered treatment solutions. I highly recommend her and her office to anyone looking for a great chiropractor.
Deborah F. • Dec 4, 2023
Zocdoc.com, patient review
Beautiful, clean, updated office. Dr. Nuzzi & staff are so sweet and excellent listeners. I felt like I was talking to family members or friends when explaining the issues I have been experiencing. Thank you so much! Excited to continue my journey here.
Kristen I. • Oct 20, 2021
Zocdoc.com, patient review
Dr. Nuzzie and her team are the best in the business! After suffering for 6 years of an injury and relentless exploration of healing with no success, Dr. Nuzzie diagnosed me correctly and helped heal me almost back to 100% in just a few short months! Christine is the acupuncture expert who can help any issue! Maria is the massage therapist that can work out the hardest problem areas. I can't say enough of the expertise Dr. Nuzzie has established at the one stop shop to fell better and heal any issue! If others have failed to deliver, try Dr. Nuzzie and team!
Jim D. • Aug 21, 2023
Yelp.com, patient review
Dr. Nuzzi and her staff are excellent. I recently injured my back and decided to switch to a chiropractor closer to where I live. I couldn't be happier with my decision to switch to Dr. Nuzzi. She listened to my complaints, reviewed my history and test results, evaluated my condition and developed a plan of action with my input. The plan included meeting with her Orthopedic colleague, Dr. Dinizo, to confirm there wasn't an unknown, underlying cause. It's so unique to have an Orthopedic surgeon work hand-in-hand with a chiropractor to optimize your treatment. Two weeks later, I am 99% back to my pre-injury condition! I am now moving toward a maintenance program with Dr. Nuzzi and couldn't be more satisfied.
John K. • Jan 18, 2023
Yelp.com, patient review
Dr. Nuzzi is so talented and has been able to help me through many different aspects of my life including injuries and pregnancy. She really gets to know her clients and cares about their wellbeing. I just wish she was a doctor of everything because she's so good at what she does!
J. L. • Feb 1, 2017
Yelp.com, patient review
Dr. Nuzzi is an amazing practitioner who I recommend constantly to friends and family. She has treated me for lower back pain and an ankle injury with results that were far better (& faster) than I had expected. What I love most though is her comprehensive approach to patient care. She doesn't just treat your pain, she addresses the underlying issue and offers services, such as massage, stretch therapy and personal training, designed to fix any imbalance that may contribute to the issue in the first place. The office staff is very professional and caring. I've always been able to get an appointment when I need one and I have never felt rushed. Dr. Nuzzi listens carefully and answers questions thoroughly. Highly recommend.
Rachel P. • Jul 2, 2018
Yelp.com, patient review